There was no more news of Marlen Ochoa Lopez, 19 year old from Chicago, since last April 23rd. The girl was found dead yesterday and the discovery was even more gruesome because the child she was carrying had been torn away.

The body was found in a garbage can. Marlen was pregnant in the ninth month of her firstborn, but when she was found no baby was in sight…

According to investigators investigating the case, the girl was strangled by a 46-year-old woman who first lured her to her home in Scottsdale (Arizona) with the excuse of giving her clothes for the baby. After killing her, she took the child and later claimed that the baby was hers. They met in a group dedicated to young mothers.

After Marlen’s death, the woman called the ambulance to ask for help after giving birth and appeared in the street with blood-spattered clothes and the child in her arms. “Help me, he is very ill,” she would have said. It was only later learned that this child was not hers but of the 19 year old and her husband, Yiovanni Lopez.

“My family is destroyed. They took away the woman of my life. I hope that those responsible will be taken and punished”. The newborn is still hospitalised in serious condition, after suffering brain damage.