Google is preparing a new Home Mini, which logic wants to be launched together with fourth-generation Pixels, probably in October. A trusted source has confirmed various details of the new smart speaker, which will not be a real revolution compared to the previous one, despite the name change in Nest Mini, due to the rebrand announced a few months ago.

The size and shape of the Nest Mini should therefore not differ much from the current generation, perhaps just a little wider. On the other hand, however, the audio quality should improve, both in terms of power  and fidelity, in particular bass, but not only. After all, considering when low-level audio is output from Home Mini, it is logical to expect something more.

Nest Mini will also be fixed in parades, even if it is not clear how. There are so many third-party accessories aimed at the present also for the current Home Mini, but here we are talking about something native.

Furthermore, Nest Mini will be equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack. It is a bit of a smile to think that while smartphones are slowly releasing there is another category of products that instead embraces the aux port in 2019. However, it is not clear if it will serve as input / output or both. If we were to bet, we would certainly say as an output, replacing Chromecast Audio; on the entrance we are a little more sceptical, but never say never.

Finally, Nest Mini will have some kind of proximity detection, which should show the current volume level if the system detects the proximity of a human. Oh, and finally (this time for real) there will also be new colours, but there are no indications as to what they could be. Likewise, the source does not reveal the alleged price of this Nest Mini, which however should not differ from that of the current Home Mini, despite the improvements.