It now seems inevitable that we need to start preparing for Brexit, which seems to be happening pretty soon, this end of March. 

Many were the questions, and the European Commission has issued communications and information to help the general public.

European commission

According to their Facebook page, many EU citizens who are planning to travel to the UK after 29th March have approached them with queries. Some have asked how they could to enter the UK after Brexit (even if there is no deal). Here are the responses of the European Commission in the UK: 

 EU and UK citizens will continue to enjoy visa-free travel across the Channel after Brexit, at least for short-term visits (tourism, business);
 EU passports and ID cards will be valid to enter the UK. (The Home Office said that there would be no immediate change. However, as the new UK immigration system will be introduced from 2021, they would later not guarantee that EU citizens will be able to use national IDs to enter the UK);
The UK will continue to run the EU Settlement Scheme for those EU citizens resident in the UK by 29 March in a ‘no deal’ scenario. So, they will be eligible to apply for settled status, securing their status in UK law;
In December 2018 the European Commission adopted two temporary measures to avoid full interruption of air traffic between the EU and the UK to ensure basic connectivity (in case of a no deal).

More ℹ️ about the EU’s contingency plans for no deal #Brexit!Tb34UC

In the meantime, the following are the communications documents which you can read by clicking on the title of the communication itself: