Whilst we keep hearing how good the economy, prices keep going up in silence… case in point something we came across this week. Let’s start by saying that prescription drugs treat conditions and improve patient health. But when drug prices are too high, access to medicines becomes out of reach for far too many patients.

When the price of prescription drugs fits within a family’s budget, everyone is able to live and work at their healthiest. On the other hand, when people are unable to afford their medication, this negatively affects their health and their lives and exacts a heavy toll on society.

Now we all know how expensive it is to raise kids, let alone when they are sick. With all the vaccines kids have to be given during the first months, all parents (or almost) have resorted to giving their kids some sort of medicinal to keep the fever at bay… Less than 3 months ago, this medicine for babies and infants cost € 4.60 and yesterday it cost € 5.56 (same pharmacy). Quite a difference in price… might seem like nothing to many but not to struggling families with kids. Funny how when the people are handed in a mere amount of money, it’s all over the news, but nothing is ever said about the prices of stuff which keeps creeping up at an alarming rate!

And please, let’s not talk politics… we’re not here for this… yet at the same time we need to be honest and admit that no matter how good the economy is said to be, it ain’t for everyone!

It’s time to do something about family costs that keep going up. We need our leaders to get their feet back on Earth and realise that families are struggling, if not all – believe me when I say that many are.