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Primark ‘set to trial online shopping’

Everyone’s familiar with Primark… the shop where you go in just to have a look and come up loaded with bags full of things!

How many times have you asked yourself in frustration why on earth doesn’t Primary have an online shop? Well well, your dream may be coming true as very exciting news are on the horizon…

We all know how Primark is brilliant when it comes to filling your wardrobe with the latest trends and styles without breaking the bank. So you will be delighted to hear that things could be changing in the future, and Primark is reportedly considering setting up an online shopping service. HOWEVER… rumour has it that it will not be providing deliveries… customers would be able to reserve and buy items online and then pick them up at their local store. So it’s not quite the same as having things delivered to your front door, but it’s a step in the right direction.

But before you get too excited, another source has said the service is still “a year or so away”.