Harry, in Africa with Duchess Meghan Markle and Archie, made the same gesture as his mother Diana by crossing a minefield. Protected by a jacket and helmet, he risked his life walking in a partially cleared minefield in Angola. Exactly as the Princess of Wales did in 1997 in the same country, to raise awareness of the world against weapons.

Harry entered an area close to Dirico which was a base for anti-government forces. Before leaving the position in 2000, the camp was undermined. The Prince was asked to detonate a recently discovered old bomb in a controlled manner.

Harry and Meghan published a touching post on their Instagram page to highlight the important work done by Diana:

It changed the course of history”. The message continues: “The Duke is honoured to be able to visit such a special place for his mother and to recognise his tireless mission in giving a voice to those who needed it most, even if then the problem was not so popular“.

The Prince also wanted to pay homage to his mother. Arriving in Botswana, where he helped plant a tree, he claimed to be very attached to this country where he feels a deep sense of freedom. It is here that he found refuge immediately after Diana’s death in a car accident:

“I have some of my closest friends here. I came immediately after my mother died, so it was ideal to get away from it all. And now I feel deeply attached to this place and to Africa.”