Two children at most for Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. A decision taken for environmental reasons, as reported by AdnKronos.

This was revealed during a conversation with the primatologist Jane Goodall with whom he spoke about the environment, responsibility and climate change during an interview published on September issue of Vogue UK.

Prince Harry and Meghan show off their newborn

The prince, who had his first child with Meghan, Archie, in May, said paternity increased his “connection and love of nature”. And when he said he intended to have more than one child at Goodall, who urged him “not to have too many”, he replied: “two at the most” and then expressed his environmental concerns for generations to come.

“I always thought: this place is borrowed” and “we should be able to leave something better for the next generation,” added the Duke of Sussex. Goodall and Harry have agreed that the current state of the environment is already “terrifying.” “How many clues does nature have to give us before we really learn the damage and destruction we are causing?” Asked the prince.