Beatrice of York cancels the engagement party and continues to suffer the scandal that swept her father, Prince Andrew, because of which her marriage to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi is turning into a nightmare.

In addition to having to give up a royal wedding worthy of the name, as only her sister Eugenia had last year, Beatrice decided to give up the engagement party to be held next December 18th at the Chiltern Firehouse. The reason? It is soon said, he fears the massive presence of the paparazzi rushed to photograph Andrea and not because he is the father of the bride, who probably will not accompany her to the altar, but for her clandestine relations.

The Prince’s behavior has thrown a real stain on the Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth, at 93, is too tired to face a scandal of these proportions . Among other things, Beatrice’s decision to give up at the party caused alarm to the Court and concern among her friends, given the delicate moment she is experiencing.

It seems that the Princess and her boyfriend have decided to change their reception date to allow Andrea to sneak in without being seen. Meanwhile, the ex of Edward, the architect Dara Huang, went shopping in a vintage shop in London where he bought a Chanel bag and jacket, perhaps to be worn right at the party.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth appears more and more worried about how things are going. He would like to abdicate in 18 months and prepare the ground for Carlo, but it’s all very complicated. Also in consideration of the gossip about the Prince of Wales and Camilla who would like them to separate. The only hope for the Sovereign is William who seems to have a happy family situation. While his wife Kate Middleton is taking on new assignments and patronages that previously depended on his Majesty.