Proudly out of tune? There are thousands of them and they have made their scarce skill a real phenomenon.

Lots of people are gathering to show their terrible singing skills together in a new phenomenon that has taken the name of “Tuneless Choirs”… letteralment qabda stunati!  There is talk of twenty-nine national choirs and others ready to be founded, each one full of proud singers unable to hit the right note. Nadine Cooper, the mastermind behind this idea, claims to have created the first group in 2016 in Nottingham together with the choir director Bernie Bracha, after a music teacher advised her to stop singing.

“I stopped taking part in any musical activity after a teacher tapped me on the shoulder, telling me that I would have to stop because I ruined the passion of others,” she said. “I have not even sung at weddings or funerals because I did not want to be disrespectful with my bad qualities.” “Years later, talking to Bernie Bracha who directs “appropriate” choruses, I proposed the idea that there should be choirs especially for those who, like me, sing so badly, and then we held the first meeting for tuneless singers in a local church: we advertised in the newspaper and in one evening sixty persons presented themselves”.

How many of you would be entitled to join the choir?