Up to four hours more gaming for DualSense than the DualShock 4 predecessor.

Image: Sony

The latest leak of precise technical information on the new Ps5 concerns its advanced and performing DualSense controller and more precisely on the integrated battery. The autonomy will in fact be much longer than that of its predecessor, the DualShock 4 stretching by 50% or up to 4 hours more of play .

It all started from a series of images of the DualSense that have been published online and that show some precise technical details such as the battery capacity which turns out to be 1560 mAh or about half of the average of a smartphone. The writing is clearly legible on the back of the controller, as is the practice for any electronic device.

The value is precisely about 50% more important than that of DualShock 4 going to give credit to the recent rumours that in fact placed the life of DualSense at 3 or 4 hours more than the previous generation . Not a small detail because every gamer knows how comfortable it is not to have to do without wires and connect the charging cable as late as possible. But often you are in the middle of long gaming sessions and happen to get battery flashing sooner than you think.

However, there are different interpretations that hypothesise a less prolonged autonomy since DualSense is really a small controller prodigy given that it focuses strongly on a more modulated and sensitive haptic feedback , on voice recognition and on various other goodies that may require more energy than well simpler DualShock 4.

All that remains is to wait for the new round of official information to resolve any doubts, it is more than likely that these details will be known just before the launch together with the long-awaited confirmation of the launch price of Ps5 , expected to debut in time for the winter holidays of the 2020. Xbox Series X is expected to move forward by a few weeks, with a November release.