A Chinese man was hospitalised with a severe lung fungal infection, which he developed because of the habit of sniffing his dirty socks regularly!

When he was taken to Zhangzhou Hospital in Fujian Province of China, the 37-year-old man (known only as Peng) complained of chest pain and frequent coughing. An x-ray showed that he was suffering from a severe lung infection, and subsequent tests revealed that it was caused by a bacterium that is usually found in used footwear.

Asked by the doctors, Peng admitted that he had a habit of sniffing dirty socks for a long time every day after returning home from work, before throwing them into the laundry basket.

Doctors believe that the fungus in the man’s dirty socks was “sucked” into his lungs when he inhaled deeply while sniffing his used footwear. However, they also pointed out that this type of infection is rare, and in this case it could also be linked to a weak immune system. Apparently Peng was under stress, and in addition to going to work every day he woke up several times a night to take care of his baby, and fatigue had weighed on his health.

Fortunately, the infection was identified in its early stages, and the doctors were able to administer the appropriate treatment and expect the patient to recover fully.