The former R.E.M Michael Stipe frontman is ready to get back on the scene. 8 years after the dissolution of the American rock band in 2011, Stipe announced its new single “Your Capricious Soul”, due out Saturday 5 October. The proceeds from the track will go to Extinction Rebellion, a non-violent movement aimed at raising awareness of climate change.

R.E.M, former singer Michael Stipe announces his debut solo, Unravel Malta

“I want to add my voice to this change of consciousness” – The song “Your Capricious Soul” was previewed during a surprise live last May. “For five years I had a break from the music – says Stipe – and I wanted to go back: now I’m writing, composing and recording. Extinction Rebellion gave me an incentive not to wait. I saw a great change of consciousness on the subject of safeguarding the environment and I wanted to add my voice”.

Creating a world suitable for future generations – This is what we read among the founding principles of the socio-political movement Extinction Rebellion, born in 2018 in the United Kingdom by a hundred academics. The logo of the group, an hourglass placed inside a circle, wants to remember how the climatic emergency is a problem to be faced in a timely manner. “Our relationship with the environment, mine and those who adhere to the movement, has been a concern for life – continues Stipe – and now I feel confident, even optimistic. I think we can make the change need to improve our wonderful planet Earth, our position and our place on it”.