The Minister in charge of Transportation, Ian Borg, in a visit to centrecom company announced that from 1st January Bus75 + started as promised. With this measure, the elderly aged over 75 years can travel with the buses for free.

Minister Borg said that in recent years 39,000 people aged between 14 and 20 years enjoyed free transportation. From the first of December last year it was broadened to the disabled and now even the elderly over 75 years. He said it is estimated that around 19,000 people with disabilities have already benefited from the scheme.

Dr Borg said the goal is to one day have free public transportation for everyone.

Parliamentary Secretary Anthony Agius Decelis said that this is a social measure to help anyone who is at present refraining from participating in community life due to problems with funding for transportation.

Centrecom stated that the company will be responsible for answering any questions from the public who is eligible to benefit from this scheme. One can call for more information at 22483500.