If you have a BOV SecureKey, you should be aware that all BOV SecureKeys will be disabled on the 14th of September.

Should you wish to repurchase the SecureKey after that date, you will have to pay €10 annually. This was announced on BOV’s website, as well as on their Facebook page.

The bank stated that clients who do not wish to pay for a new SecureKey can instead download BOV’s free application available for Android and iOS users.

The cost of renewing the SecureKey was €6.99 annually. As from the 14th September, the price will be increasing to €10 per year for personal accounts and €15 annually for business accounts.

It has been reported that these changes are due to a “Payment Service Directive 2”. However, although HSBC offers similar services, it has not yet announced any changes on its website.

Additionally, according to BOV, access to internet banking will be free after 14th September.