Have you ever felt so frustrated that you wished you could just smash something to vent it all out? Well, if you go to Beijing, now you can. ‘Smash’ is the name of the anger rooms equipped with bats and hammers. You can smash up wine bottles, old broken appliances like televisions, clocks, telephones and even a mannequin!

Smash was set up in September 2018 by Jin Meng and her friends. Jin declared that Smash was definitely not set up to promote violence, but on the contrary, to help people deal with their frustrations. I don’t blame her! Better smash an old television set than a co-worker’s head, right?!

Similar ventures already exist in other countries, including the United States. Is it time for it to be set up on our tiny island where “U ħallini, għax għandi aptit nifqa’ kull m’hawn!” seems to have become the order of the day?