The bomb squad had to intervene in Michigan after a resident bought in a flea market a hand grenade that turned out to be a real, armed grenade, giving rise to new discussions on how to handle weapons in the US.

The man who called the police said he had removed the pin from the grenade after having purchased it, and when the lever made a move, he put the lock back on. Showing the object to his brother, who is a soldier came the shocking revelation: that was a real grenade, and the man had risked making it explode.

The man then took the grenade to the forest and called 911, who sent the bomb technician to site. Experts identified the grenade as an MK2 grenade, used by the US military from the Second World War to the Vietnam War.

hand grenadeThe grenade was subsequently examined in X-rays by the Michigan state police, which stated that the device was unable to explode.¬†Although the bomb was not ultimately a threat, the bomb technicians praised the two brothers, who “did the right thing by contacting the police”.

Well done to them for thinking it was dangerous. This is the best way to handle these situations” Sergeant Rick Bekemeier said.