Forget about ugly Christmas sweaters; another Christmas Prince movie on Netflix every year is the new delightfully cheesy holiday tradition you can’t resist. And this year the streaming service truly outdid itself. The trailer for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby has arrived, and its plot looks like even more of a festive Frankenstein than its predecessors. Somehow, the forthcoming film has managed to stitch together a crime caper, a sacred truce, a firstborn curse, a campy homage to Cinderella, and even a slight feminist slant.

You may have been one of the 53 people who watched 2017’s A Christmas Prince every day for 18 days straight. But if not, here’s a quick recap. The first two films saw an aspiring journalist named Amber (Rose McIver) sent on location to the fictional European country of Aldovia. This tells us two things, right upfront. First, the creators clearly watched Princess Diaries one too many times. Like, what? Is Aldovia a neighbouring country of Genovia? And, second, I’m clearly failing at the whole freelance writer’s life. I’ve never had an editor offer to bankroll me on an open-ended trip to a fancy foreign locale.