Remember the ‘Sagħtar’ magazine? We used to eagerly wait for it every month. Then we used to remove the middle page which used to be a poster, and put it up on our bedroom walls! Well, it’s back! And now it has a new web portal where you can read past editions.

While the MUT is gearing up to publish Saghtar magazine again, it has announced a new project related to this magazine. This is a digital platform located at where one can access past editions of the magazine.

The MUT has been working for a number of months to publish again the popular ‘Sagħtar’ magazine through a foundation that has been registered in recent months. Part of the work of this foundation consists of releasing past editions of the magazine in digital format. In the circumstances, in which many children and young people are at home with their families, the MUT has thought of speeding up plans and is now offering the first set of magazines of the past years in digital form. They are now accessible to anyone upon joining the Foundation as member at This process is free of charge.

MUT President Marco Bonnici commented on this and said that ‘Sagħtar’ magazine is “a source of information, anecdotes, poems, jokes, stories and much more that can be fun to spend hours reading and watching, and maybe even to look into them for some school projects. These editions should also interest parents, who surely remember them well when they were in school and can now share them with their children.”

The Chairperson of the foundation Elaine Germani stated that ‘Sagħtar’ can be considered as cultural heritage in Maltese, and that we should cherish it, preserve it, but also keep it alive, especially now that we are working on the new editions.

More information can be found at and on the Facebook page This project is being carried out by Fondazzjoni Saghtar within the Malta Union of Teachers.

Source: MUT