The Valletta Design Cluster (VCA) together with Friends of the Earth Malta, ZIBEL and Electrowaste Ltd. are organising the Repair Café: Autumn Edition on Sat 23rd November, 9am-1pm, at the San Gorg Preca College Valletta Primary, Valletta (entrance from North Street).

The public is invited to attend the Repair Café: Autumn Edition and encouraged to bring along small objects they want to fix, or come to learn how to easily repair different items. Items include:

+ clothing repair (eg. torn trousers, jackets, dresses etc.)
+ woodwork station (**subject to good weather conditions** small wooden objects eg. jewellery boxes, folding chairs–no bulky furniture)
+ toy fixes (eg. small electronic toys)
+ up-cycling (small objects that can be re-purposed)
+ small household appliances repair (eg. toaster, blender, small fan–no bulky objects)
+ phone and laptop diagnostics.

Please note the repairs are done for free and all that can be fixed will be fixed; in the case were repairs cannot be performed, the issue with the object will be diagnosed. The event is also being promoted on the Valletta Design Cluster Facebook and Instagram pages.

Please share and join this fun event!