There are some rules in asking a girl to go out. For example, it’s best to avoid asking her to go out if you’ve just robbed her. Also, if you really care so much about going out with her, avoid attacking her and her mother in the first place!

But the 26-year-old John Jardini, from Pittsburgh, does not think so, as he robbed a girl on the street, getting the money she had in her pocket and her mobile. Then he thought fit to retrieve the girl’s home number from her stolen cell phone to ask her out. Perhaps to avoid being recognised immediately as the robber, the boy has seen fit to use his phone to call. Only he also told the young woman how they met.

loveIn addition to refusing the date, she immediately called the police, who tried to trace the cell phone from which the call had started, but without success.

Shortly after, the girl went out shopping, this time being accompanied by her mother. As soon as she got out of the supermarket, a young man approached them (it is not clear whether it was with the intent to get the money they had with them). It was Jardini again, the person who had robbed the girl a few hours before.

Meanwhile, the police had traced the robber, thanks to a cell phone signal, and intervened arresting him in the act of this second assault. ” It’s amazing how stupid he was, ” says a neighbour.