The Royal baby was born (finally) and now everyone wonders: what name will he have? And above all who will he look like?

Meghan Markle was not able to give birth to her baby at home in Frogmore Cottage as she would have liked, she was forced to take a secret ride to the hospital with Harry before giving birth (a natural birth) to a beautiful baby at 5.26am on Monday. The child was born at the Portland Alamy private hospital for £ 15,000 a night.

meghan harry

Meghan and the baby returned home now to Frogmore Cottage with Harry and mother-in-law Doria. It seems that the royal couple will show off the newcomer very soon (hopefully, today!). At the moment the most favourite names are Arthur and Albert.

Dr. Carol Cooper had previously said that it would be more likely that Meghan would opt for a cesarean because of her age, addingas for labour, she is only 37 years old and if you are about thirty-five and you are eating healthily, you regularly exercise and you are fit and you have the right weight as it seems, there is no reason why you should have many more complications than a younger woman. But statistically there are higher risks”. Instead Meghan and Harry chose to give birth to the baby, seventh in the line of succession to the throne, in a natural way.

Prince William and Kate shared their joy at the news, writing on Instagram: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are happy with the news of the birth of the son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex today, and we look forward to meet the latest addition to the family. ”