The Russian Federation is ready to experience the isolation from the global internet as part of a defense policy in the event of a cyber-war in which foreign powers decide to opt for digital isolation of Moscow. The BBC reports this, stating that the test should take place by April 1st. Operationally, it is about passing data traffic between Russian users exclusively within the country and not through the global network.

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Ad hoc legislation has already been elaborated: it requires that, in the event that Russia is isolated from foreign powers, providers can operate within national borders.

In addition, the law, provides that Russia builds its version of the DNS system, used to associate IP addresses to the names of network hosts. The test basically requires that providers prove they are able to direct data to government-controlled pivot points, discarding all those destined for computers abroad. The providers, according to Russian media, are however partly concerned by the risk that the test could create great inconvenience to Russian Internet traffic.