The Chicken is a versatile ingredient in the kitchen, it can be cooked in many ways and cooked along with vegetables, spices and herbs aromatic of all types. In particular, the chicken breast is the most valuable part, so much to be defined by the French “suprême”.

In the recipe of saffron chicken and grilled vegetables, the use of peppers, courgettes and eggplant and saffron makes the dish colourful and inviting. For this dish you can choose an accompaniment with an exotic touch, such as basmati rice or couscous, widely used in oriental cuisine in recipes such as chicken with coconut milk and curry with couscous or chicken with cashew nuts and basmati rice. 


• chicken breast 400 g
• 1 grilled pepper diced
• 1 zucchini grilled diced
• 1 eggplant grilled diced
• 1 onion
• Flour
• Fresh Mint
• thyme fresh
• 1 packetsaffron
• extra virgin olive oil
• salt
• pepper


Preparation Chicken with saffron and grilled vegetables - Step 1
1. To make the saffron chicken morsels, begin to peel and cut the onion reducing it to thin layers. Also cut the chicken breast into cubes and flour it quickly in a little flour.
2. Heat a little oil in a large pan and let the onion brown. Add the grilled vegetables cut into cubes and brown them until softened.
Preparation Chicken with saffron and grilled vegetables - Step 3
3. Then add the floured chicken breast cubes and brown them over a high heat, stirring frequently. Separately dissolve the saffron in a glass of hot water.
4. Sprinkle meat and vegetables, stir, add salt and pepper and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and cook, allowing the excess liquid to evaporate. Turn off when the chicken is well cooked and the base is creamy. Add a few leaves of fresh mint and thyme, a round of raw oil and immediately serve the saffron chicken and grilled vegetables.