The agreement reached in Malta “seems to me only one thing – a rip-off. The only happy ones are the smugglers…“. So Matteo Salvini on Skytg24 microphones, ironically speaking of “brilliant agreement” on immigration between EU countries . “The Italians are not fools – he continues – the numbers say they are multiplying and then we will find them around Rome, Milan, Palermo“.

With the advent of the Giallorossi government, “more migrants are leaving and landing, and alas they risk dying more. The landings, only in the month of September, have increased by 50%: if Conte knows and pretends not to know it is serious“, underlines Salvini adding that “in a year of government I have reduced the landings by 75%“. “These are facts, while the Malta agreement is just yet another promise of Europe. Many words but zero, as in the past – he continued – Prime Minister Conte should remember this and show respect for those who ruled with him for 14 months, helping to wrest him from his anonymity. If he couldn’t stand me and the League, he could say it right away.”

Salvini must not be jealousy and envious, we have taken a historic step forward, which had never happened before. If we defend the Italian interest we must look at the result, we must not look at those who get it and who does not get it“, commented Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in an exclusive interview with Sky Tg24, speaking of the migrants’ agreement discussed in Malta.

At this moment – he continued – there is, and it was also announced by the other European countries, a great availability towards this Government, of this political project that we solemnly announced to the Italians and to the Parliament. We have a lot of credibility in Europe, because there are huge openings that have been anticipated and today we are harvesting the first fruits, but be careful: we cannot consider ourselves satisfied”. “This first passage of Malta – the prime minister underlined – marks a significant turning point, but we still have a lot to do along the line of a regulation of migration flows and of contrasting illegal migration“.”

If you know the Libyan reality we understand that we should be concentrating the maximum efforts to protect these people, because these people who go by sea do so out of desperation, are exploited by traffickers who start them on makeshift boats to dangers. Many have died in the Mediterranean and we must avoid it. That European mechanism will serve us to better manage an aspect of the whole phenomenon, we will have to prevent it from being an incentive factor. We do not want new paths of death“, he concluded, “but we still have much to do along the lines of a regulation of migration flows and of combating illegal migration“.