“A thousand words do not leave an impression as deep as a single action.” 

In this quote there is all the importance and strength of action, to take action. Our home, Gaia, needs you. Here is a list of small actions that you can put in place to help save the planet…

1. Dedication of time to the environmental cause

To become an activist today it is not necessary to be chained to the whaling ships in the middle of the ocean. You can do this by dedicating even just one hour of your time a week to make friends and relatives aware of these issues. And even more by participating in the initiatives of those associations that are fighting for the cause. Or simply by informing yourself better and in depth about everything related to environmental issues: there are countless books and documentaries to read and watch to increase our awareness of the subject.

2. Support some associations

There are realities that fight on the front line for the protection of our home, the planet earth. They must be supported economically, even small donations (better if periodic) are important. Each of us can allocate a few tens of euros a month for this, without great sacrifices.

3. Make political pressure 

It is essential to make our political class understand that the environmental issue must be a priority in the programs of any party. Let us make this present with insistence to our representatives who sit in parliament as well as in any institutional classroom. We demand from them tangible actions and we vote for those who undertake to put them into practice.

4. Repair, recycle and reuse

We must strive to abandon the crazy habit of trashing anything that breaks. Ten years ago the first “Repair Cafés” were born and today there are over 1,500 of them all over the world: they are small centres in which one aims to repair all the objects that would otherwise be thrown away. Appliances, information technology, tailoring, cycling and everyday objects. But this is just an example. We implement this practice at home: it will benefit both the environment and our portfolio.

5. Change your lifestyle

It is the most difficult thing but also the most effective and important. The question is very simple: we consume too much. So the watchword is to reduce. What? Drastic consumption of meat for example (intensive farming is responsible for 80% of deforestation); as well as shopping in general (clothing is the third most polluting industry on the planet); travelling preferring bicycles, trains and sustainable tourism, rather than cars, planes and cruise ships.

But above all by introducing into our everyday life the fundamental concept of critical consumption, that is, to find out about the origin of everything we buy and consume to then choose those products that are more ethical and healthy both from an environmental and a human point of view.

An important final consideration: we must not save the planet earth but the human race (and with us the other living species). The sooner we realise it, the sooner we start to tackle the problem effectively. Our planet has existed for 4 and a half billion years. The human being for 100 thousand years give or take. If we took the story from the big bang to today and spread it over a calendar year, or 365 days, we would find out that we arrived here at 11:59:50 pm on December 31st. In short, we have been around for a few seconds.

Now you understand that the Earth with a “cough” is shaken off and with another “sneeze”, returns more beautiful than before. We do not. It is therefore up to us alone to decide if and how to save our habitat and therefore give continuity to our species (and to all the others, some clearly more advanced than us).