He left his dog in the trunk of the car and went to the sea, in San Felice Circeo. The whimpers of the poor animal, a puppy of about three months, attracted the attention of some passers-by who asked for help and saved the puppy.

The episode took place on Sunday afternoon. The little dog that had been in the trunk for hours, was rescued by veterinary personnel who, after having smashed the rear window of the car, were able to extract it still alive. The judicial authorities met them at a clinic.

The animal, which today is already better, showed “obvious signs of hyperthermia and hypoxia, cyanotic mucous membranes, dyspnea, sialorrhea, tachycardia, muscle spasms and diffuse tremors, comatose state, body temperature equal to 41.8 ° c”

The carabinieri who identified and charged the owner for animal abuse also intervened. The custody of the puppy is being assessed to those who saved it. At the moment the puppy is still hospitalised but is no longer in danger of life.