A man shot and killed his ex-wife during a karaoke evening at the ‘Aquario’ restaurant in Savona. Another woman was seriously injured and a girl was smeared. The man came in from the beach and shot among the people. Before hitting the ex, the man would have shouted something to the woman. Carabinieri and ambulances on the spot. The man fled armed with a pistol.

The murderer, Domenico Massari, is 48 years old. The victim was called Deborah Ballesio, 40 years old. The woman, who was hit by several bullets, was the animator of the evening.

There are two other people injured: a 62-year-old has a bullet in her leg and was transported to the Santa Corona hospital in Pietra Ligure and another girl is being treated at the San Paolo hospital in Savona. According to some witnesses, before shooting the man would have shouted to his ex-wife “Do you remember me?”. The murderer would have fired more than five gunshots.

There had been serious problems between the couple in the past. In August 2015, the man set fire to the lap dance venue ‘Follia’ of Altare, run by his wife. The incident occurred after a series of quarrels and harassments that had cost him a plea bargain at three years and two months for damage and stalking and a ban on approaching the woman.