We have been hearing over and over how important it is to avoid antibiotics where possible, especially when it comes to children. However, we can all agree it’s atrocious to watch your kids feeling miserable with a cold. By supporting the immune system of children it is possible to avoid this or at least have it happen less often.

How can we do this? Not only is it necessary to improve the diet, which must be rich in vegetables and fruit in season to fill up with minerals and vitamins, but also supplement the diet with natural substances that strengthen the defenses and allow the youngest to fight viruses and bacteria with energy.

photo of three orange fruits

With winter, the seasonal illnesses increase. It is not only because of the cold, but rather because of the sudden changes in temperature and prolonged stays in closed rooms, perhaps crowded, where the air is not changed frequently. Viruses and bacteria spread with great ease in such places. However, nature comes to the rescue to keep the immune system in shape and fight colds, coughs and flu.

So here is how to help ourselves and our children:

Natural Vitamin C: In the cold season the additions of vitamin C are recommended, better if of natural origin. Therefore, we should increase our intake of orange and kiwi squeezed juices, but we should also increase the intake of vegetable sources such as rose hip and blackcurrant (a supplement with powerful anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties). The blackcurrant is also perfect as a preventive remedy against flu.

Lactic ferments: The well-being of the immune system depends largely on the balance of the intestine. That is why in the seasonal changes, or when the risk of viral infection increases; it is advisable to supplement the diet with foods rich in live lactic cultures. A yogurt at breakfast or for a snack will surely be a good help and a healthy and light snack.

Echinacea: It is an excellent herbaceous plant as a natural remedy against seasonal illnesses. Perfect as a cure, but it can also be used to prevent coughs and colds. For children, it is better to opt for supplements of echinacea specially formulated for children, with formulations that also contain honey and other natural additives to make the taste of the preparation more pleasant.

Flax seed: If your baby has a cough, after excluding pathologies or infections affecting the respiratory tract, it is possible to tamper the discomfort with flax seed packs. It’s a grandmother’s remedy that’s very effective when the cough is persistent, especially at night. To prepare the medicinal poultice, it is sufficient to put the flax seeds to soak and then apply the “paste” obtained with a cotton cloth directly on the chest. Simple and effective.