Everyone knows that bananas, in addition to being good, are also very healthy. Eating two a day, in fact, can give many benefits. But did you know that it can also be very useful to insert a needle in it? You probably never thought about it, but it can be very practical indeed!

You won’t believe your eyes!

Do you know you can peel a banana with a simple needle? If you don’t believe it, watch the video below and you will be surprised. To cut the banana quickly and easily, you need to thread the needle into the banana and move it to the left and right. Then move the needle a few inches lower and repeat the operation. Do this the entire length of the banana.

Here is the result revealed

Remove the peel and … the banana will be perfectly cut into slices! So you can immediately eat it without having to cut it. You can also use this little trick to surprise your friends. Proceed without being seen and enjoy their expression when they open the banana and see it already cut. They will think you are a magician!

The instructions in the video start from 1:47 onwards. Continue the vision to discover many other useful tricks to use in the kitchen.

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