“In the 1970s my aunt crossed the Mexican-US border hidden in the back of the van. Then my grandparents followed and my father was born in Texas shortly after.” Selena Gomez, in an “Time” editorial, tells how her family illegally entered the United States.

“Immigration goes beyond politics, it is a question of humanity, it concerns real people and destroys real lives”.

In 1992 I was born as an American citizen thanks to the courage and sacrifice of my family. Illegal immigration is a theme that I think about every day. I never forget how lucky I was to be born in this country, thanks to my family and circumstances. When I see the anger that is on the social media I am afraid for my country,” she continued. “The way we approach immigration testifies to our humanity, our empathy, our compassion. The way we treat our neighbor as a human being defines who we are“.

I do not pretend to be an expert and I am aware that we need rules, but we must remember that our country was created by people coming from other countries. Every individual has a complex history, which cannot be reduced to a slogan“. Selena Gomez is also a producer of “Living Undocumented”, a series that tells the life of eight immigrant families who live in the United States and who risk being deported