Arinze Stanley is a young Nigerian artist with a remarkable talent: he manages to make his designs so realistic that when you look at them it is inevitable to wonder if you are observing a high-definition picture or photo.

Stanley’s passion for art blossomed when he was small, also thanks to the fact that he was surrounded by paper: his parents in fact had a company selling paper and therefore it was normal for him to take a sheet and scribble every time he didn’t have other things to do.

Stanley approached hyper-realism  only in 2012, with such good results (you can see them on his Instagram account) that a year later he became a professional artist.


“I have a motto for my work, and it’s ‘Practice, Patience, Persistence’,” Stanley said in an interview. “They have guided me over the years and still guide me today. The continuous practice helped me to improve, but I don’t think it would have been possible without persistence and patience, since it takes over 200 hours to complete a drawing, and that I only have time at night because of work commitments in the day”.

The artist’s attention does not only go to the design itself. For example, when drawing hair in a portrait, it studies the type of hair it uses as a reference, its volume, the size of individual hair, to find the best way to make it on paper.

Stanley explains that he seeks inspiration in everything that surrounds him, even if he works more than others on portraits. This focus caused him some embarrassment, given that the artist said he often found himself unconsciously staring at the faces of the people around him, although he added that the specialisation in portraits led him to appreciate the variety of structures and details of the faces.