A 59 year old native of Santo Spirito, was seriously injured after being swept away last night by two cars near the San Nicola stadium in Bari, just before the Laura Pausini and Biagio Antonacci concert

The woman, on the basis of a first reconstruction, was heading to the city sports facility after leaving the car along the provincial road 236, crossing the road, travelled by high-speed vehicles, together with a group of people. At that moment an Audi was passing that had stopped to let them pass: another car coming from behind would not have braked in time, colliding with the Audi and caroming on the woman, reporting an abdominal trauma and very serious injuries to a leg.

The 59-year-old was rescued by the ambulances of the volunteers who assisted during the concert and taken to the hospital, at the Di Venere. According to preliminary information, the limb will be amputated. Local police officers have also arrived for the surveys and the reconstruction of the accident.