Japanese model Kato Sari divorced her husband after just a week of marriage, due to the man’s protests over the woman’s spending habits.

Kato Sari has always been known for her luxurious lifestyle and love of expensive clothes, but her husband didn’t imagine that her shopping habits would end up putting her businesses at risk. The man, a real estate entrepreneur, began dating the model about a year before the wedding, and only in the three and a half months before the couple married, she was able to spend about 1 billion yen (8.5 million euros) of the man. However, he remained of the decision to marry her, but during the first week of their marriage, he would tell Sari to slow down her expenses, as it was weighing too much on her finances. She didn’t take it well, and in response she filed for divorce.

The model recounted her version in a video on YouTube in which she called her husband a scammer, for letting her believe she could spend all the money she wanted before the wedding, only to turn into a stingy after signing the documents. “ So what’s the point of marrying him? She simply tricked me into signing the documents, ”says the woman in the video, adding that she doesn’t care about the“ poor ”who can’t keep up with her spending habits.

The model’s statements and attitude have (predictably) sparked fierce criticism online, but apparently the girl remains convinced of her ideas.