The latest news on the birth of Harry’s wife from England… It’s a Royal Baby, now it’s certain! And the dukes have also already chosen the name, they say. Although … there are new frictions with Queen Elizabeth!

Meghan Markle and Harry of England, are expecting a daughter! And it is not the latest news on the birth of the Duchess of Sussex. For which a new friction with the royal family is already underway. What will “succumb” just Harry’s wife, at least this time.

royal trio
Image: US Magazine

THE ULTIMATE – Meghan Markle is really expecting a girl. His great friend Serena Williams unintentionally revealed it, letting slip the sex during an interview. After all, Meghan Markle had already talked to her friends at the baby shower in New York… and then those images, almost secretly leaked had left little doubt. But there is another element that confirms all the gossip of the last days on the birth of the royal baby.

THE NAME IS ALREADY DECIDED – Yeah, because everyone naturally got wild about the name that will be given to the child of Meghan Markle and Harry of England. The latest bookmakers’ quotations give Victoria first preference, and second place the timeless Diana… We’ll see which one will be chosen by the dukes of Sussex, of better of which one they have already chosen, given that now, only the official announcement is missing. Waiting for the last grain to break out in the palace right on Meghan’s delivery.

AT HOME OR IN THE HOSPITAL – Meghan Markle, in fact, has clearly expressed the desire to give birth at home, at Frogmore Cottage. But since the Windsor doctors strongly advised against the home procedure, Queen Elizabeth intervened in person, who “asked” (and naturally obtained) the Duchess to return on her decision. Not only that, Elizabeth has also forbidden Meghan Markle to wear some crown jewels, which are instead available for Kate Middleton. The reason? Simple: the Duchess of Cambridge will one day be queen, on the throne with William, while the Duchess of Cambridge no …