The small, great fan of a collection of miniatures, wanted at all costs the rarest piece of the series – Golden Billy, a golden banana that is sold on the web for several thousand Euro – despite the fact that his mother had forbidden it …

When she saw the price of around 9 thousand euros on her current account, the boy’s mother thought of a bank error. But in reality the sum had actually been spent with her credit card by her 7 year old son! The child, taking advantage of the fact that the data of his mother ‘s credit card had been saved on the computer, bought on eBay a very rare collectible toy.

expensive collectibleThe story, told by the Mirror, comes from Sydney. Donna’s son, suffering from autism, is a big fan of the Coles Fresh Stikeez collection – small miniatures of fruit and vegetable figures.

Among the various pieces of the series, the most sought after is undoubtedly that of  Golden Billy, a golden banana that, apparently, is nowhere to be found and therefore is very expensive.

Donna had clearly declined the child’s requests for the purchase, but from one day to the other she received the payment details via e-mail. Something like 14 thousand Australian Dollars at the end of an auction, a figure that is precisely around 9 thousand Euro. After understanding what had happened, the woman tried to contact the seller, telling her story; but the man did not want to hear any reason and requested immediate payment. Only after contacting her  bank, eBay and Paypal, the woman was able to find a solution, avoiding paying that amount for the golden banana. The online auction site eventually settled the dispute in favour of the lady.

Donna also made an appeal asking  for  stricter measures to prevent such incidents from happening again: “Maybe there are those who can afford it, but I find it absolutely ridiculous that so much money is spent on a toy. Nobody, between Paypal and my bank, has decided to stop that transaction. We need filters capable of blocking expenses beyond a certain limit, which at the moment are not there ”.