The owner of a clothing store in the United Kingdom has taken an unconventional approach to preventing theft. They have hired expert thieves who tried to enter and steal in the shop, and then have them explain to her how they did it, so as to prepare the appropriate countermeasures.

A few months ago, the entrepreneur published a job offer that quickly became viral, offering thieves £50 per hour (about €55) as well as the possibility of holding three of the things they could steal. The people hired had to “visit” theshop on several occasions, for several weeks and then prepare a report on all the things they had stolen and how they had done.

stelingHowever, some people noticed a kind of contradiction, because the announcement asked candidates not to have a criminal record. But someone observed that good thieves are not arrested, after all… Probably realising that the offer could sound very strange, the shop owner immediately explained that the reason was to take a different approach to the prevention of theft.

“I’m looking for a professional who helps to highlight the weaknesses of security in my store, deliberately stealing from it, wrote the shop owner. “I have been a business woman since I opened my retail store in 2013, and I suffered numerous thefts every year during Christmas Eve last five years.” “Like clockwork, the beginning of November, the shop becomes more crowded and it becomes more difficult to monitor all those who pass through the door. Thieves collect items from our shelves and I am losing thousands of pounds each year and, as an owner of a small company, I can not afford to let things stay that way,” she added.

The entrepreneur explained that she wanted to better understand how the thieves work, so as to improve the security of the store: for example by changing the layout of the store, or that of the cameras, or even the way in which her staff interacts with the thieves.