Many Maltese say fireworks are a great tradition and the best part of the festa season. But critics say fireworks are problematic in many ways: they’re a massive noise nuisance in cities, they pollute, they cause fires, and they traumatise animals. Fans argue that fireworks are awesome, and that all fun pursuits involve some risk.

Environmentalists say fireworks are terrible for the environment – they pollute the air, contaminate water supplies and can cause fires. But on the other hand, aren’t fireworks kind of the best? They’re gorgeous and exciting and thrilling! 

However, in an ever changing world where nobody tolerates anything and anyone they disagree with, we fear the end of fireworks will sooner or later be on the horizon… But, can’t we possibly find a midway to make everyone happy?

So we sat down and really tried to list the pros and cons of fireworks. To be honest, the pros were not much… even though we ourselves love fireworks, and we really dug hard and brainstormed like crazy chickens!

Here is what we came up with….


  • They terrorise pets, very literally.
  • They are dangerous.
  • They disrupt with noise.
  • They cause stress and worry, both in the fear of their potential danger and the suddenness of their noise. Our most vulnerable citizens, including children, are the ones most susceptible to this stress.
  • They’re bad for the environment.
  • They smell.


  • They are part of our tradition and heritage.
  • They are absolutely fabulous to watch.
  • They’re stunning entertainment.
  • They attract tourists from all over the world.

So it kind of looks like there might be more cons than pros… yet we believe there could be a solution. Less noisy fireworks would solve one of the problems. I know, fireworks enthusiasts won’t like this one as fireworks without noise might seem dull to them, but surely less noisy ones (like the ones used during weddings) would still do the trick! Right?

And what about reducing the amount? Do we really need to spend a whole week of 9am – 12:00pm – 9pm fireworks? Do we really need to have that much? Maybe we can limit them to the eve and festa day? Would that still work?

Rolling the ball to all of you now, what do you think?