From the altar (of Notre Dame) to the dust: six Paris firefighters proclaimed “heroes” for having dealt with the fire of the cathedral of Paris ended up under investigation after being accused of having raped a girl in a group in a barracks of the city. The Paris prosecutor’s office stated that the suspects were taken into custody in a judicial investigation.

The six presented themselves before a judge on Monday, who appointed them as “qualified witnesses” in the case, according to the prosecutor’s office. According to French law, the possession of this status means that the magistrates have reason to suspect that men were more than just witnesses and that they were involved in unlawful acts, but there is currently no sufficient evidence. The six men were then released pending further investigation.

firefighters in paris

Gabriel Plus, spokesman for the Paris fire brigade said that all suspects were suspended. A police official reported that a Norwegian student filed a complaint on Saturday alleging rape within a fire station in the Plaisance neighbourhood, south of Paris.

The French newspaper Le Parisien stated that the girl reported to the police that she had consensual sex with a fireman, but was later raped by others. 

The accusation came a few weeks after the Paris firefighters were hailed as heroes for all-night efforts to save Notre Dame Cathedral from a devastating fire.