Sleeping naked together with your partner is good for your health, both physically and psychologically… this is revealed by a survey conducted on 1000 Britons on behalf of Cotton USA, a trade association that promotes American cotton fibre. The study refers to the “bedroom” environment, as an important factor for a couple’s serenity, an in-depth topic in the dossier of “Santagostino Psiche – La finestra sulla mente”, the magazine edited by the specialists of Centro Medico Santagostino and dedicated to the themes of psychology and neuroscience.

Sleeping naked is good for the relationship: in addition to increasing the likelihood and frequency of spontaneous sexual activity,” explains Giulia Amandolesi, a psychologist at the Santagostino Medical Center. “Staying skin to skin would also promote the release of oxytocin , more commonly known as” the hormone of love“.

Recent studies show that the effects of oxytocin act on a wide range of social behaviour and interpersonal relationships; specifically, this hormone appears to increase positive emotions, attraction among partners, feelings of trust and stability. Furthermore, it significantly reduces anxiety and stress levels.

But there are other benefits that can come from sleeping naked, both in couples and singles. First, on a psychological level… “First of all, being exposed to one’s body and nakedness for a long time can be an important psychological stimulus. Spending time naked allows us to become more familiar with our body, with its best parts and also with its defects. It may seem strange, but many people do not really know their physicality, because they avoid or limit opportunities to look at each other or be without clothes. By making ourselves a habit of sleeping naked, we will develop a deeper knowledge and awareness of our body and with this a greater security and self-esteem”.

Even from a physical point of view, sleeping naked, has many advantages. Such experience, for example, allows the body to regulate the temperature independently and naturally. Obviously it is not possible to say the same if we are wrapped in different layers of clothes and blankets. Another recent research suggests that during the night the metabolism works better, if not hampered by disturbing factors or conditions, such as heat strokes and nocturnal awakenings. “Sleeping naked can help the body burn fat faster and produce twice the amount of healthy fats than those who sleep at high temperatures.”

Sara Brewer, a doctor and nutritionist, says that when the body is too hot, it tends to produce high amounts of cortisol and thus increase the feeling of hunger. Also according to the specialist, the habit of sleeping naked can also increase man’s fertility through the release of testosterone, which occurs during the night and which could be reduced or slowed down if resting in very hot environments.