Tender, slow cooked chicken simmering in a honey garlic sauce. This is an easy and delicious meal.

This chicken came out tender and so flavorful since it had been simmering for hours in the honey garlic sauce. This recipe is definitely a keeper and the only adjustment I’d make is doubling it so we have more leftovers next time.


  •  1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts cut into bite-sized cubes
  •  1-2 tbsp vegetable oil
  •   garlic cloves minced
  •  1/2 cup low sodium chicken stock or broth mine was 570 mg sodium per serving
  •  3/4 cup  honey
  •   tsp onion powder
  •   tsp garlic powder
  •   tbsp low sodium soy sauce
  •   tbsp sriracha sauce
  •  2 tbsp water + 2 tbsp cornstarch


  1. Add oil to a frying pan and bring to medium-high heat over stove top. Add your chicken breast cubes and cook slightly to brown the chicken. You do not want to fully cook the chicken, you only want to sear and brown the outside. This will help bring out the flavor of the chicken and will prevent your slow cooker chicken from tasting like boiled chicken. It will also lessen the amount of white residue (that occurs when you cook the chicken) when your chicken cooks further in the slow cooker.

  2. Grease the interior of your slow cooker pot with a cooking spray. Add your browned chicken and sprinkle the minced garlic on top.

  3. In a small bowl, mix together the stock, honey, onion powder, garlic powder, soy sauce, and sriracha. Pour mixture over the chicken. Use a spatula or spoon to spread your chicken evenly across the pot and sauce. The sauce will not completely cover the chicken.

  4. Seal your slow cooker. Cook on low heat for 2 hours. Your chicken cubes should be completely cooked. In a small bowl, completely dissolve the cornstarch in water, using a small spoon to mix until you have a uniform white liquid. Pour into the sauce and stir it so that it spreads evenly across the sauce. Seal your slow cooker again. This time cook on high heat for 30 minutes. Your sauce should thicken. If desired, garnish with fresh scallions and white sesame seeds before serving.

Source: Kirbie’s