No trace of the cat James, the feline with the tie who kept Julian Assange company in the last years of hiding spent in confinement in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

james assange cat
James, the cat

According to well-informed sources, the cat was not present during the raid of plainclothes officers from Scotland Yard yesterday morning. He would have been “exfiltrated” by friends, according to some, and the information is corroborated by the fact that for some time he was no longer immortalised with his elegant neckties overlooking the window of the Knights bridge diplomatic hiding place.

The feline would have been separated from the Australian activist last September, due to friction with the embassy staff who had repeatedly asked the exiled guest to take better care of him if he wanted to continue to keep him there. That is why someone close to Assange would have taken him safely out of the embassy, ​​and apparently also in great secrecy, in unsuspected times.

Regarding the dissemination of “classified” information and the traffic of data related to the cat James, it was announced that his twitter profile @EmbassyCat has been inactive for a year, the same is true for his Instagram profile. And while the writer James Ball jokes about the absence of a “feline extradition” due to his sudden escape, the plot thickens.