Technology has brought with it many benefits and advantages, especially in terms of simplification of life; but in some cases, unfortunately, more and more frequent, it can become a source of anxiety and stress. That is why a so-called Social Media Detox is necessary, or a break from everything that revolves around digital media and in particular social networks. Don’t worry, you can still read!

What makes the difference in the success of the Social Media Detox is precisely the approach, which the British would call “mindset”. It is important not to let yourself be monopolised by technology and avoid conceiving it as an all-encompassing aspect of one’s life. Only in this way, according to the experts, is it possible to fully live and keep away the main illnesses of the psyche; such as anxiety, stress, tiredness, apathy and even depression.

app-blurred-background-cellphone-social mediaThe first tip for those who want to take a break from social networks is to disable notifications, which would create a kind of addiction or what has been called FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) literally the anxiety of being cut off and losing the latest news from your social network. Resisting temptation is not easy, but once the habit is internalised, it will be easier to free yourself from the slavery of social media and enjoy 100% offline moments of life.

Although most people are reluctant to change this habit, experts also advise against the presence of the smartphone in the bedroom. In the morning, it would be better to wake up with the sound of a traditional alarm clock rather than with the beep or the vibration of the cell phone. Even the first contact with technological devices should take place not earlier than twenty minutes after awakening.

Another useful tip for those who make Social Media Detox is to set the flight mode, when you are engaged in other activities, such as a jog in the park or a training session in the gym. In this way, the brain is completely tuned and can produce endorphins undisturbed thanks to physical movement rather than notifications and various updates coming. With the Airplane mode it is, in fact, possible to listen to the music without interruptions and annoyances.

blur-close-up-computer-social mediaThe best results of the Social Media Detox path are obtained day after day, in small steps. The first days begin with about ten minutes before moving on to increasingly challenging goals, such as a whole digital-free weekend without a smartphone or social network. In this, it may be useful to keep the mind engaged by devoting oneself to one’s passions, such as playing sports, reading or even going to an art show, and focusing on face-to-face interpersonal relationships, with the family or even with that friend you haven’t seen for a long time.

Finally, sometimes it is good to take a weekend or a holiday to literally switch off. Obviously for the purposes of the Social Media Detox, the technology is banned or in any case limited to the strictly necessary cases. Before leaving, you should therefore pre-alert family and friends to call only in case of emergency, while at work it is a good idea to set up an Out of Office message to avoid being disturbed.