Sodium bicarbonate is one of the basic ingredients of DIY remedies, it is in fact used for home use, for cleaning the entire house, but it can also be an excellent solution for the beauty routine. In fact, not everyone knows that sodium bicarbonate is excellent for cleaning the face.

This recipe eradicates the dirt accumulated in the pores, the same dirt that infects it and causes acne. It is also an excellent solution to get rid of those pimples and blackheads that are on our face.

Seen and considered that it is a homemade recipe, it can have side effects, even if mild… for this reason it is advisable to test this “cream” in a hidden area of ​​the body and wait 5 minutes to check if you have any type of allergic reaction. We also advise against using this mask if there are burned, injured or irritated areas. It cannot be applied to eyelids or lips, so if this happens, it will be necessary to wash the affected area immediately with plenty of water.

Sodium bicarbonate: recipe for eliminating acne

To obtain the desired result or moisturise the face, prevent wrinkles and acne, this compound must be prepared. The quantities and ingredients used for the recipe in question vary according to the type of skin.

In fact, for sensitive skin it is necessary to use the proportion 2:1 or two parts of coconut oil and a part of sodium bicarbonate. While to exfoliate the skin use the proportion 1:1, that is two equal parts.

Once the mixture has been prepared, apply the cream created directly on the skin, making circular massages. Leave it to work for about 5 minutes and then rinse with plenty of warm water. Once done this dry carefully: the results will be incredible and you can have a beautiful smooth and soft to the touch.