It is a country where there is the risk of being arrested if there is political propaganda against the regime, but it is also among those where the danger of terrorist attacks is less, practically non-existent : North Korea.

The land of the controversial leader Kim Jong-un, who has led the country since 2011, has many mysteries, but also several curiosities.

Kim-Jong-UnThere are many cases of arrests – of both foreign and North Korean tourists – for political reasons, so much so that it is recommended to avoid discussions of nature political or religious that may relate to events or facts pertaining to the North Korean authorities or South Korea.

But North Korea is also one of the countries where terrorism is minimal. The British Foreign Office, in fact, places it among the nations where the risk of attacks is very low.


North Korea borders with Russia, China and South Korea. In addition to having a different calendar than the Gregorian one – adopted since 1997 and beginning in 1912, the year of birth of Kim Il-sung (remembered by the North Koreans as the “great leader”, “the eternal president of the nation”) – Korea of ​​the North is also characterised by State atheism, only very few practice Buddhism, Confucianism or Catholicism. In fact, the only cult promoted by the regime is for the leader Kim Jong-un.

In Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, is the Rungrado May Day Stadium: the largest stadium in the world, able to accommodate up to 150 thousand spectators. A location exploited not only for sports, but also for concerts and shows of various kinds.

Throughout the country more than 34,000 statues of Kim Il-sung would have been erected … Furthermore, as pointed out by the UN, North Korea is one of the countries with the most violations of human rights. 

Even the history of the country’s leader is shrouded in mystery … It is believed that he was born on the 8th of January 1984 and that in the past he also studied at a college in Switzerland. Little or nothing is known about his tastes and passions, only one thing is certain: Kim Jong-un is a big basketball fan and one of his closest friends is the former Nba basketball player Dennis Rodman.