The web thundered so much that the cinematographic house ran for cover: thus we can summarise the troubled story of the film based on the video game Sonic.

 The character of the famous Sega video-game saga, already adapted in the past in several animated series, is at the centre of a new film version that Paramount launched last spring. But the first images circulating on the net and above all the first trailer released in April had unleashed the anger of the fans, outraged by the decidedly chilling look given to the blue hedgehog by the supersonic speed.

Precisely the filmmakers were forced to freeze the project and put the design back on hand of the protagonist. The results of this makeover can be seen in a trailer released at this time.

A small blue ball of super energy in a very fascinating package” is heard at the beginning of the anticipation clip: post-production interventions are evident, resulting above all in larger and rounded eyes, a less accentuated and curved nose and general, a smaller build and much more similar to the previous animated incarnations.

The rest of the film, on the other hand, seems to have remained unchanged: coming from another dimension, the hedgehog characterised by extraordinary speed happens in the house of the policeman Tom (James Marsden), who will eventually become his friend and protect him from the clutches of the mad and hyper-technological scientist  Dr Robotnik, interpreted by Jim Carrey with a bizarre moustache.

The film on Sonic , directed by Jeff Fowler, making his debut behind the camera, was scheduled for release this November 2019, but the time needed to redefine the protagonist’s design has shifted the arrival in theatres to the next 13 February 2020.