Hot on its heels today is a leak about the release date of the PS5, as well as information on the eagerly anticipated release of the Ghost of Tsushima game.

Originally posted on anonymous bulletin site 4Chan but soon picked up by NeoGaf and presented in bigger, easier-to-read images, the leak cites an inside source (a former senior marketing manager’s internal email to the marketing department) and looks to divulge the release date for the PS5 as 12th February 2020, at a ‘Playstation Meeting 2020’.

Aside from a mention of “the technical upgrade that will be given by the new hardware features of the PS5”, sadly no actual details about the console itself were given.

Image: © Playstation

However, the development of a PS5 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima is apparently “proceeding in a more than favorable manner within the SP studios”, and the company is expected to “concentrate the marketing promotion resources of Ghost of Tsushima for the next event” – i.e. launch it alongside the PS5.

If this latest leak is to be believed – we’d advise you to take it with no small helping of whatever seasoning you fancy – we’d say it’s been a top morning for PlayStation fans…