Spoiled children and remedies: there are many parents who do not know how to behave when their child does not want to know how to end their whims. Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, but this does not mean that with a little quiet you cannot fill the states of anger of the most irascible children.

It is also true that this is a question of nature and consequently some children are temperamentally stronger and more lively than others. For this reason it is preferable to be aware of the right methods to be adopted in such circumstances, in order to transmit the right discipline to one’s children.

Sometimes a simple “no” of mum and dad is enough to unleash interminable complaints from a child. Keeping calm is the main starting point to end this bad routine. We must therefore try to radically change the attitude of our child, adopting simple daily strategies. The American psychotherapist Richard Bromfield advises making a lot of leverage on education, in order to increase the maturity and sense of adaptation of the little ones.

scream tantrum

Of course, a few days are not enough to implement this teaching, it may take a long time. First of all we must act with perseverance and commitment, especially during the time span between two and twelve years of the child, since this is the main phase of character formation, on which maturity will depend. Furthermore, when tears and whims manifest themselves, it is advisable to react in an unusual, unexpected and almost brazen manner towards the child, taking away from him what is important to him, be it a toy or a dance lesson.

Even if his discontent could last days, this gesture will help make him think and understand the lesson. It is also essential to establish rules to be respected, in order to develop a sense of self-control in the child that will be useful for him to mature faster. To educate spoiled children, useful remedies also involve acting with constant authority and making them understand when it is their turn, preventing them from developing the bad habit of making overbearing claims. Finally, never bargain or justify yourself, as the child could perceive it as a sign of weakness and draw wrong teaching of the rules.