Spotify Premium triples its free trial period. So far, in fact, you could test the service for a month, before deciding whether to continue with the subscription or not, but from today the trial is extended to 3 whole months, provided that you haven’t already tried the Premium service previously.

Beyond the extension of time, the methods of use do not change. Just go to, sign up and activate the free trial period, which will be free for the first 3 months. For 90 days you can enjoy over 50 million songs and 450,000 podcasts, without ads, without interruptions and without forced shuffle.

The 3-month free trial offer will be extended to all Spotify Premium plans globally: Individual and Student starting today, Family and Duo in the coming months, where available.

Music and podcasts play an important role in people’s lives, so we wanted to give users the first 3 months for free, to fully enjoy all that Spotify Premium has to offer. We know that it takes time to fully experience all the features available with Premium, so we’re giving people the time they need to fall in love with the perfect Premium listening experience and on-demand access to over 50 million songs, billions of playlists and 450,000 free podcast titles.

This has been a very important week for Spotify Premium, thanks to two fundamental stages: we are in fact launching a totally updated Family Plan and we are offering the first 3 months of free trial to customers who have never tried Premium before. Moments like these demonstrate our commitment to providing Premium subscribers with the best experience possible and allowing more listeners, all over the world, to access all that Premium has to offer. And soon there will be more news!

Alex Norström, Spotify Chief Premium Business Officer.

At the moment the Spotify site in Italy still reports the 3-month free trial, but considering that the announcement comes directly from the company (which by the way has not yet published it on its official blog ), it will be just a question of just before the change becomes effective. So if you were thinking about trying Spotify today, wait a minute and get three times more free music. We also remind you of the recent changes to the family plan , to which the manager of the company above mentioned.