In the focus of F18 US fighters they look like long, fast objects that suddenly change direction with very strong acceleration. In the films that the American top guns have managed to capture and which now also the US Navy has made public by removing the military secret, they look like large supersonic spiders of the indefinite shape that they would almost like to dance with the US bombers, before disappearing into thin air.

If they are not UFO what are they? The Pentagon does not call them by this name but has been questioning it, for years and in secret, about this Unidentified Aerial Phenomena that now more than arouses curiosity disturbs the flights of the patrol boats in the skies, which do not know how to behave since they are neither drones nor missiles. Furthermore, the networking of three videos shot between 2017 and 2018 and the comparison with another video from 2014 is now sparking a new debate just as the skies become increasingly crowded.

Joe Gradisher, the US Navy spokesman, claims that the footage shot by US military personnel is authentic and that the phenomena are real. He adds that sightings are by no means unusual and rare. Indeed, it encourages all pilots to report the duration and the exact position in which they occur to create a real mapping of mysterious objects. “We have noticed frequent incursions in our training camps – explains Gradisher – and this risks endangering the safety of the pilots. For a long time we also realised that many of them did not report them for fear of being ridiculed, but now we are to encourage top guns to be timely in reporting to be able to study the phenomenon in depth“.

Cichi thinks that the threat does not belong to the world of fantasy, but can become real if it is not possible to establish its origin. Even if among the great powers there is a sort of unwritten agreement that bans the militarisation of space for now, the appearance of these ‘Uap’ unidentified objects , seems to go in the opposite direction.

In the mysterious ‘Area 51’, considered one of the most secret training bases for the American air force that has been in Nevada for years, researchers are investigating the presence of foreign bodies in the sky. The little videos released these days have reopened the UFO window with the intention of not closing it so soon. In the meantime ‘Area 51’ seems to have become increasingly an off-limit zone and to be protected. The no fly-zone is total and both military and civilians cannot cross it, also because for today, via the internet, an invasion was announced, then postponed. Even if someone has appeared the same these days and arrests have been made in the past few hours.