Spread the beer on a sandwich? The idea may seem at least bizarre, and come out of the mind of someone who drinks maybe too many beers, but the “Spreadable Beer” exists and it’s Made in Italy

We are not talking about one of those attempts to associate decidedly unlikely flavours coming from the USA, but a product that is certainly quite unusual but that (at least to us) inspires a little more confidence.

spreadable beerSpreadable beer is an idea of ​​the Chocolate Napoleone di Rieti, in collaboration with the Alta Quota brewery of Cittareale. The producers describe it this way “It is a product with an intense aroma and full-bodied taste. It goes well with hors d’oeuvres and cheeses, excellent on croutons, an original idea for garnishing and filling shortcrust pastry and soft cakes”. 

Spreadable beer is offered in two different versions, but it is not clear from the manufacturer’s website what the difference between the two is (it should be the type of beer used to make them). There is not much information on the ingredients, and the curious will probably remain a little disappointed to know that apparently the product is not sold online, but is only available in the chocolate shop in Rieti.